Friday, January 22, 2010

1st ? --a stumulus for the envionment

Is there more than binary environment and stimulus? Is there less? What happens to black holes when they reach absolute density? Where did gravity come from anyway? Why can't we fly as we sometimes do in our dreams? Where do dreams come from? They are not energy, are they? They are not time sensitive, are they? Sometimes they repeat and other times they can't be remembered. It is often said that dreams make life worthwhile. But if life is just an interval from death to death, what's the point? What if the black hole, matter, gravity, energy, and all that is associated with them is really just an interval between dream realities? What would constitute existence in a dream state? What mistake in perception could cause anything with the characteristics of gravity to occur? And once the mistake led to the deathlike grip of gravity on the universe, what would life forms seeking light [and higher life forms translating light as knowledge] have to do with freeing the universe from that grip and returning it to the dream state only wiser for the experience?


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