Saturday, February 13, 2010

6th?--MISTAKE amplified

The initial dream-stem-state is a positive experience because as it develops it does not avoid or limit itself. The only reason for modification is when the systemic need for change becomes irresistible. And then it occurs openly, in full view, without regret or shame. Before the MISTAKE is made, there is dancing, trysting unabashedly, friendship, love, and all manner of celebrating. After the MISTAKE, there is anxiety, fear, and a cognitive misperception that there is something wrong. This misperception causes a switch form positive self concept to a negative one. The one who makes the mistake is the first one to experience its effects. It is not that feelings of envy, jealousy, and rejection don't exist. They do. They are part of the pantheon of feelings that are available to each of us. It is just that if we cannot see them as self limiting, we will not be able to accept the inevitable change which is part [systemically] of existence. If we accept such factors as normal, then we have no choice but to feel negatively toward what we perceive to be the source of our pain, a change on the part of one or more others. Those negative feelings are expressed in the form of criticism aimed at those others.

In the dream state, the need for change may not be simultaneous for all at once, , presenting the opportunity for either criticism or benevolent blessing. If a blessing is extended, then shame is denied and new experiences are viewed and shared by all. If withering criticism is chosen, then the target of that criticism develops an aversion to it, limiting his linear acceptance of change, thus biasing his behavior away from joy and toward anxiety and fear, away from innocence and toward guilt and doubt, away from nakedness toward the shackles of shame.

This unchecked criticism and aversion to it causing relentless biasing of behavior away from joy toward shame is the impetus of the curvilinear nature of the gravitational universe.

Human history has shown that societies based on the enslaving control of a ruling elite tend to depend on absolute ownership of the power of criticism, on fear to govern, fear of change. Each time, whether it be China, Egypt, Rome, France, Russia, etc. a revolt against the despair of criticism of the changes proposed by each individual led to a period of greater creativity and prosperity for all of high or low estate. The contributions of each organic entity's dream-state, if allowed to flourish, could be immeasurable.

Sophomore, Sr. February 13, 2010


Monday, February 1, 2010

5th?--Mistake revealed

It has been written that "all the world [universe] is a stage" upon which every scenario of existence can be played. Before the mistake, there would be scenes of positive activity; of love, friendship, courtship, dancing, trysting and celebrating in general, all open to the view of the whole audience. There would be no surreptitious hiding, no shame, no furtive intrigue away from the eyes of others. These negative concepts would come after the mistake.

What then is the MISTAKE? The symptom is anxiety, the emotion fear, the cognitive action is that of perceiving something to be wrong. The reaction to this misguided cognitive action is to limit or try to eliminate that which is considered to be wrong. The anxiety associated with this misperception causes a switch from positive self concept to a negative one, from innocence to guilt and self doubt, from nakedness to shame.

A relationship between an environment and a stimulus can only last so long before the systemic need for change takes over. A relationship between two units of environment or two units of stimuli can only last a finite time before change again becomes necessary. The mistake is made when one of those units feels envy, jealousy, anxiety, that something is wrong with and in the display of intimacy between or among other units. The result is withering, poisonous criticism which creates bias in the development of the dream-stem-state of its recipient. The recipient of the negative input becomes anxious about his inclination to be intimate and therefore may approach it and then even violently reject it as a moth might interact with a flame.

An innocent heart finds joy in in the happiness and life changes of others. An envious heart must posses the intimacy of others and hide their love from view.

Sophomore Sr. February 1, 2010


Sunday, January 31, 2010

4th?--Release of mattergy

Mattergy is the release of matter and energy from a matter-antimatter reaction when gravity causes a bias from the dream-stem-state to spiral into a motionless condition. The goal of that reaction is to regain the dream state. Until the mistake of perception is corrected and its ensuing bias overcome, gravity will always tend to condense matter and energy. to correct the mistake and overcome gravity without resorting to the violence of an antimatter-matter reaction, the direction or goal of cognitive thought must become focused on the original dream-stem-state. With an individual's dream state being his touchstone for conscious thought, action, and dream, the factors that bias his life experience should begin to be less curved and more linear.

This brings us to another question, that concerning the original barren field and single point of reference. It has been asserted that dreams are symbolic. Could not the universe have and anthropomorphic archetypal form? Could not the environment be in the form of a woman and the point of origin be in the form of a man?--perfect and beautiful? This given it would follow that a curvilinear and gravitational universe could be represented by every imperfection and diabolical image of hell.

Sophomore Sr. January 31, 2010

3rd?--Organic or inorganic?

Starting from a simple binary barren field with one point of reference [origin], an organic or living description being that of complete boredom with an overriding desire for change to the opposite, organic development could be considered most feeling sensitive if it proceeded without bias; each new sensation and experience being totally conscious. If bias enters in, it would potentially reduce sensitivity making the experience less vital and therefore less conscious. Organic forms and processes are considered living while inorganic phenomenon are considered non-living, yet it is viewed that organic life processes are derived from an intercourse of non-living matter with some form of energy [as yet] unknown.

The question is, "If the original binary field of reference is organic or living by virtue of its parallel and simultaneous step by step development of form and feeling , what is it that makes a biased development less sensitive or vital? And if when absolute density of matter and energy occur,as in a "black hole", when matter becomes simultaneous with antimatter , motion is increased and variety of form and feeling [consciousness] begins to ascend, what mechanism is it that allows for mattergy to return toward an unbiased dream-stem-state?"

Sophomore Sr. January 31, 2010


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2cd?--a dream state

A dream state what is it and where did it come from? A dream state, with its infinite possibilities of form and feeling, although possibly helping to explain the lack of relative order found in quantum theory, is still relative to a simple binary beginning relationship i.e. that of a three dimensional coordinate system consisting of a barren environment with a single point [intersection] at its origin.

If it is accepted that an innate systemic need for change can be a motive for increasing and multiplying coordinate relationships one at a time [as in the development of a stem] until a cognitive mistake of perception alters the flow of that stem development, then it follows that all relationships up to the mistake could be considered linear, and all the relationships after the mistake might show some bias or curvature. If linear becomes curvilinear, it tends to spiral which is evidence of gravity, as a spiral becomes more and more dense as it progresses toward its center. Then, when absolute density is achieved [it cannot become any more dense and no motion can be detected] the perceived creation is like a frozen lake, ball, coordinate system--the systemic need for change kicks in and absolute motionlessness becomes absolute motion [action-reaction]-- and BANG !!!

The question is, "What perceptual mistake in the original linear dream-stem-state led to the biasing or curving of that environment into a gravitational field?"

Sophomore, Sr. January 28, 2010


Friday, January 22, 2010

1st ? --a stumulus for the envionment

Is there more than binary environment and stimulus? Is there less? What happens to black holes when they reach absolute density? Where did gravity come from anyway? Why can't we fly as we sometimes do in our dreams? Where do dreams come from? They are not energy, are they? They are not time sensitive, are they? Sometimes they repeat and other times they can't be remembered. It is often said that dreams make life worthwhile. But if life is just an interval from death to death, what's the point? What if the black hole, matter, gravity, energy, and all that is associated with them is really just an interval between dream realities? What would constitute existence in a dream state? What mistake in perception could cause anything with the characteristics of gravity to occur? And once the mistake led to the deathlike grip of gravity on the universe, what would life forms seeking light [and higher life forms translating light as knowledge] have to do with freeing the universe from that grip and returning it to the dream state only wiser for the experience?