Monday, February 1, 2010

5th?--Mistake revealed

It has been written that "all the world [universe] is a stage" upon which every scenario of existence can be played. Before the mistake, there would be scenes of positive activity; of love, friendship, courtship, dancing, trysting and celebrating in general, all open to the view of the whole audience. There would be no surreptitious hiding, no shame, no furtive intrigue away from the eyes of others. These negative concepts would come after the mistake.

What then is the MISTAKE? The symptom is anxiety, the emotion fear, the cognitive action is that of perceiving something to be wrong. The reaction to this misguided cognitive action is to limit or try to eliminate that which is considered to be wrong. The anxiety associated with this misperception causes a switch from positive self concept to a negative one, from innocence to guilt and self doubt, from nakedness to shame.

A relationship between an environment and a stimulus can only last so long before the systemic need for change takes over. A relationship between two units of environment or two units of stimuli can only last a finite time before change again becomes necessary. The mistake is made when one of those units feels envy, jealousy, anxiety, that something is wrong with and in the display of intimacy between or among other units. The result is withering, poisonous criticism which creates bias in the development of the dream-stem-state of its recipient. The recipient of the negative input becomes anxious about his inclination to be intimate and therefore may approach it and then even violently reject it as a moth might interact with a flame.

An innocent heart finds joy in in the happiness and life changes of others. An envious heart must posses the intimacy of others and hide their love from view.

Sophomore Sr. February 1, 2010



At February 9, 2010 at 6:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Insightful. The mistake sounds psychoanalytical.


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