Sunday, January 31, 2010

3rd?--Organic or inorganic?

Starting from a simple binary barren field with one point of reference [origin], an organic or living description being that of complete boredom with an overriding desire for change to the opposite, organic development could be considered most feeling sensitive if it proceeded without bias; each new sensation and experience being totally conscious. If bias enters in, it would potentially reduce sensitivity making the experience less vital and therefore less conscious. Organic forms and processes are considered living while inorganic phenomenon are considered non-living, yet it is viewed that organic life processes are derived from an intercourse of non-living matter with some form of energy [as yet] unknown.

The question is, "If the original binary field of reference is organic or living by virtue of its parallel and simultaneous step by step development of form and feeling , what is it that makes a biased development less sensitive or vital? And if when absolute density of matter and energy occur,as in a "black hole", when matter becomes simultaneous with antimatter , motion is increased and variety of form and feeling [consciousness] begins to ascend, what mechanism is it that allows for mattergy to return toward an unbiased dream-stem-state?"

Sophomore Sr. January 31, 2010



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