Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2cd?--a dream state

A dream state what is it and where did it come from? A dream state, with its infinite possibilities of form and feeling, although possibly helping to explain the lack of relative order found in quantum theory, is still relative to a simple binary beginning relationship i.e. that of a three dimensional coordinate system consisting of a barren environment with a single point [intersection] at its origin.

If it is accepted that an innate systemic need for change can be a motive for increasing and multiplying coordinate relationships one at a time [as in the development of a stem] until a cognitive mistake of perception alters the flow of that stem development, then it follows that all relationships up to the mistake could be considered linear, and all the relationships after the mistake might show some bias or curvature. If linear becomes curvilinear, it tends to spiral which is evidence of gravity, as a spiral becomes more and more dense as it progresses toward its center. Then, when absolute density is achieved [it cannot become any more dense and no motion can be detected] the perceived creation is like a frozen lake, ball, coordinate system--the systemic need for change kicks in and absolute motionlessness becomes absolute motion [action-reaction]-- and BANG !!!

The question is, "What perceptual mistake in the original linear dream-stem-state led to the biasing or curving of that environment into a gravitational field?"

Sophomore, Sr. January 28, 2010



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