Sunday, January 31, 2010

4th?--Release of mattergy

Mattergy is the release of matter and energy from a matter-antimatter reaction when gravity causes a bias from the dream-stem-state to spiral into a motionless condition. The goal of that reaction is to regain the dream state. Until the mistake of perception is corrected and its ensuing bias overcome, gravity will always tend to condense matter and energy. to correct the mistake and overcome gravity without resorting to the violence of an antimatter-matter reaction, the direction or goal of cognitive thought must become focused on the original dream-stem-state. With an individual's dream state being his touchstone for conscious thought, action, and dream, the factors that bias his life experience should begin to be less curved and more linear.

This brings us to another question, that concerning the original barren field and single point of reference. It has been asserted that dreams are symbolic. Could not the universe have and anthropomorphic archetypal form? Could not the environment be in the form of a woman and the point of origin be in the form of a man?--perfect and beautiful? This given it would follow that a curvilinear and gravitational universe could be represented by every imperfection and diabolical image of hell.

Sophomore Sr. January 31, 2010


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