Saturday, February 13, 2010

6th?--MISTAKE amplified

The initial dream-stem-state is a positive experience because as it develops it does not avoid or limit itself. The only reason for modification is when the systemic need for change becomes irresistible. And then it occurs openly, in full view, without regret or shame. Before the MISTAKE is made, there is dancing, trysting unabashedly, friendship, love, and all manner of celebrating. After the MISTAKE, there is anxiety, fear, and a cognitive misperception that there is something wrong. This misperception causes a switch form positive self concept to a negative one. The one who makes the mistake is the first one to experience its effects. It is not that feelings of envy, jealousy, and rejection don't exist. They do. They are part of the pantheon of feelings that are available to each of us. It is just that if we cannot see them as self limiting, we will not be able to accept the inevitable change which is part [systemically] of existence. If we accept such factors as normal, then we have no choice but to feel negatively toward what we perceive to be the source of our pain, a change on the part of one or more others. Those negative feelings are expressed in the form of criticism aimed at those others.

In the dream state, the need for change may not be simultaneous for all at once, , presenting the opportunity for either criticism or benevolent blessing. If a blessing is extended, then shame is denied and new experiences are viewed and shared by all. If withering criticism is chosen, then the target of that criticism develops an aversion to it, limiting his linear acceptance of change, thus biasing his behavior away from joy and toward anxiety and fear, away from innocence and toward guilt and doubt, away from nakedness toward the shackles of shame.

This unchecked criticism and aversion to it causing relentless biasing of behavior away from joy toward shame is the impetus of the curvilinear nature of the gravitational universe.

Human history has shown that societies based on the enslaving control of a ruling elite tend to depend on absolute ownership of the power of criticism, on fear to govern, fear of change. Each time, whether it be China, Egypt, Rome, France, Russia, etc. a revolt against the despair of criticism of the changes proposed by each individual led to a period of greater creativity and prosperity for all of high or low estate. The contributions of each organic entity's dream-state, if allowed to flourish, could be immeasurable.

Sophomore, Sr. February 13, 2010



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